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North Charleston Park and Ride June 2018 Adjustment

On Friday 6/01/18, we were informed by Velocity that they will need at least 2 additional rows for the expected summer season, therefore starting immediately we will need most of our passengers to park in the overflow area (purple area).
The specific area CARTA passengers will no longer be able to park includes the first 6 rows of the current CARTA area near Rivers Ave. As you can see from the map below, you should be able to continue to park on the row where the old ATM was located.  Please refer to the map below to see the exact area.

We will have sandwich boards and caution tape or rope designating where to park and where not to park.  Please pay attention to signage in the coming weeks and DO NOT AT ANY TIME park in any spaces around the Velocity building or in the T-Mobile areas we have been communicating to you shown in red on the map below; please only park in the yellow or purple areas shown on the map below.  Please review the map carefully and pay attention to signage in the parking lot.

Currently we have space in the overflow (purple area), however if we start to run low on spaces we have additional overflow parking available and staff will provide that information when and if this issue occurs.  Staff will continue to be on site periodically each week to monitor and assist with the parking situation.

We hope this is the last adjustment to the Velocity area, however we should anticipate possible additional adjustments to the current parking area before our area is completed later this summer or fall.  This process has taken much longer and is more complicated than anyone anticipated.  We apologize for this ever-changing situation and we thank you for your continued patience as we continue to try to work with all our neighbors until our area is ready for use.

Please know we are trying our best not to cause disruptions to your daily routine while at the same time continuing to provide a place for everyone to park.  Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

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