Park & Ride  Services

Locations and rules for using the several lots throughout Charleston (and they’re free!).

Park & Ride Rules

  • North Charleston Park & Ride Adjustment – Effective 11/06/17 (Click here to view)
  • Currently there are no fees for using the listed park and ride lots.
  • Businesses are allowing use of this space in order to improve the quality of our communities. Please follow any parking rules and restrictions these lots may have.
  • Lots are primarily located in highly visible area with frequent traffic. Area law enforcement has a presence at locations throughout the day and night.
  • Please use care when parking or leaving the area as to not cause any damage to other vehicles or the lot area.
  • Please use trash cans and keep lots clean.

Park & Ride Lot Locations

NORTH CHARLESTON – Super K Mart parking lot on Rivers Avenue and Festival Center parking lot at 5101 Ashley Phosphate Road

MOUNT PLEASANT – Walmart at Wando Crossing/ Walmart at Oakland Plantation

WEST ASHLEY – Citadel Mall (Main sheltered bus stop at Orleans Rd. Target)

JAMES ISLAND – Walmart on Folly Road

SUMMERVILLE – Dorchester Village Shopping Center (Near Money Man Pawn Shop)

All Express buses are also equipped with bike racks, should you wish to take your bike with you. Please note that a maximum of two bikes can fit onto the front of a CARTA bus at anytime. For more information on traveling with your bike & CARTA, visit Rack and Ride.

CARTA, lot occupants or tenants assume no liability for vehicles left at these locations or incidents occurring at these locations. Parking is at your own risk.

Plan Your Trip

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Track A Bus

Track your bus and how soon it will be at your stop.

Next Stop Times

See when CARTA buses will arrive next at your stop.

Charleston Rider Alerts

Get the latest alerts on CARTA bus routes and schedules.

expect delays on#rte7
The #rte7 will be running on Meeting St. to East Bay, and take Calhoun St. back to Meeting St.
The #rte104 is detouring from McMillan to St. John Ave. which turns into O'Hear. They will continue on O'Hear to Montague.
The following routes have resumed normal service: #rte30, #rte40, #rte12, #rte211, #rte210, #rte31, #rte42, #rte41,……
All #expressrt1, #epressrt2, and #expressrt3 are scheduled to run their routes as designed.
At this time, we are still experiencing delays and/ detours on several routes. #rte10 and #rte11 are not able to go……
expect delays on all routes
Expect delays on #rte42.
Expect delays on #xp3.
expect delays on #rte32
expect delays on #rte103
expect delays on #rte32
expect delays on #xprte1
expect delays on #rte20
expect delays on #rte203
expect delays on #expressrte4
expect delays on #rte12
expect delays on #rteex4
expect delays on #rte13 and #rte104
expect delays on #rteex2
expect delays on #rte33
expect delays #rte10,#12
expect delays #rte11,#rte12,#rte103,#rte3
Expect delays on #rte10.
expect delays on #rte103 and #rte102
expect delays on #RTE33
expect delays on RTE 10
# Expect Delays on RTE 12
expect delays on #rte11
expect delays on #rte12
Transit App
Available in the App Store and on Google Play, “Transit” offers numerous features to help you easily navigate around Charleston.
  • Bus Route: See vehicle locations in real time, find nearby stops, and receive stop announcements.

  • Service Alerts: Keep on top of schedule changes, stop relocations and other unexpected surprises.

  • Favorites: Always take the same bus? Move it to the top of the list by adding it to your favorites.

  • Timetables: View the full schedule for a route and set alarms to remind you to leave.

  • Countdowns: Get real-time predictions based on data from the transit agency.

  • “Go”: Get step-by-step transit directions and notifications about when to leave for your trip and when to get off the bus.

  • Plan a trip!: Compare trips side by side with your preferred transport modes selected.