If a passenger loses an item they must wait until the bus returns to the base and Customer Service physically obtains the items for it to be verified in order for the customer to pick up the item. For any items found on a CARTA vehicle, the following procedure will be followed:

Lost & Found Procedure

  • The Operator will turn in any items found on their vehicle to Customer Service staff at the end of their shift.
  • Items may be picked up between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm Monday through Friday.
  • When identification is made, the owner should come by the CARTA facility to retrieve the lost item(s). The owner must describe and sign for the lost item.
  • Unless prior authorization is given, items will only be released to the owner of said item.
  • For items containing proper identification; we will attempt to contact the individual via letter, or phone call.
  • Perishable items will be immediately discarded. All other items will be kept in Lost and Found for sixty (60) days from the date it was found.
  • Lost valuables, such as money, jewelry, purses or cell phones, will be turned over to the Customer Service Manager for secure storage until the item is retrieved by the owner.
  • The police department must be called immediately upon discovery of any weapons, illegal substance or items of contraband, found on any CARTA Vehicle.
  • Lost items left unclaimed will be turned in to the local Salvation Army or Goodwill.

Items are held at the CARTA office:

3664 Leeds Avenue
North Charleston, SC 29405