Safety & Security  Support

What we do to ensure the safety and security of our riders, prohibited activities and what you can do to help

  • Bus Operations

    Safety and security are a top priority at CARTA. We work hard every day to ensure your ride is trouble-free. We constantly upgrade and improve our security measures while still delivering the fast, efficient service you expect.

    CARTA bus operations are handled by Transdev, a world class leader in the transit industry. Bus operators are trained in a safety and security programs which include hours of classroom and behind the wheel training along with performance standards and skills that must consistently be met. Bus operators are trained to:

    Call in medical emergencies, incidents, traffic accidents and house fires to the CARTA dispatch radio room immediately
    Report suspicious individuals on the bus or individuals loitering at bus stops or at Park and Rides
    In addition, CARTA works with many outside agencies on security drills and the latest detection devices for various chemical or biological agents.

  • Other CARTA Security Measures

    CARTA also protects you by:

    • Announcing AMBER alerts to bus operators as they happen
    • All buses are equipped with a two-way radio which directly connects the driver to CARTA Dispatch and has the ability to be in direct contact with municipal police departments
    • All buses are equipped with surveillance cameras
    • Providing free bus service to the community during weather emergencies
  • Prohibited Activities

    Prohibited activities include but are not limited to:

    Harassment of any kind, loud playing of any type of audio device, illegal acts such as assaults, panhandling, soliciting, gambling, selling, graffiti and etching, carrying weapons and flammable or explosive materials, smoking, and consumption of drugs and alcohol.

  • Help Us Keep CARTA Safe

    If you ride CARTA, you are probably more familiar with your particular stops, routes and fellow commuters than anyone else. We are asking you to help keep CARTA safe for everyone by reporting unattended packages or suspicious behavior. If you observe something out of the ordinary, report it to a bus operator, or call CARTA Customer Service at 843-724-7420.

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expect delays #rte31
Service changes effective Feb. 18:…
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expect delays on #rte103
expect delays on #rt40.
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expect delays on #rteex4
Expect delays on #32
expect delays on #xp3.
expect delays on #rt10.
expect delays on #rt32.
expect delays on #rteex2
#rteex1 is back on schedule.
expect delays on #rteex1
expect delays on #rteex3
expect delays on #rteex3
expect delays on #rte211.
@LaceyPringle Please call Customer Service at 724-7420.
Major delays on Rt. 3 and Rt. 12 due to activity at Air Force base.
expect delays on #rte12
expect delays on #rteex3
#rte11 is back on schedule
expect delays on #rte11
expect delays on #rteex3
expect delays on #rt10 and 1exp 1429
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