January 6, 2019 Route Changes


Effective January 6, 2019

Route 31 and Express 4 are being changed to improve the efficiency of the routes

 Route 31 Folly Road – Summary of Changes

  • Route will now travel on Calhoun St. in downtown area and will no longer travel on Spring St./Cannon St. improving the route choices for passengers.
  • Route will provide direct service to MUSC and CofC.
  • Route will provide better connections between James Island and West Ashley with new transfer point to Rt. 33 at Croghan Spur and Fielding Connector (Near Ripley Point Rd/California Dreaming).
  • Route will service Central Park Ave. and Fleming Rd. going toward downtown.
  • Route will continue to service Secessionville Rd., however route will no longer serve Old Military Rd./Battery Island Rd. Ext.
  • Route will now service Grimball Rd. Ext.
  • Route is extended to Harris Teeter at Folly Rd. and Sol Legare Rd.
  • Route will now offer more trips on weekdays; 3 more trips on Saturday and 2 more trips on Sunday.
  • Route will provide earlier trips in AM with service will now starting at 5:25 a.m.
  • In line with goals to reduce the length of time between trips, the wait time has decreased by an average of 25 minutes. The frequency of this route will improve from 1 hour,45 minutes to 1 hour,20 minutes and from 90 minutes to 70 minutes on Saturday.

New stops downtown Charleston

  • Calhoun St./Jonathan Lucas St.
  • Calhoun St./Ashley Ave.
  • Calhoun St./St. Phillip St.

New stops on Fleming Rd./Central Park Rd. area

  • Central Park/Folly Rd. (across the street from the current stop, on Central Park)
  • Central Park @ EME Apartments (across the street from current stop)
  • Central Park/Fleming Rd. (across the street from current stop)
  • Fleming Rd./Hollings Rd.
  • Fleming Rd./Stir Creek Rd.
  • Fleming Rd./Maybank Hwy. (Shelter being installed by The Standard at James Island Apartments)
  • Maybank Hwy./ Wappoo Creek Dr. (across from current stop)

Additional new stop

  • Croghan Spur/Fielding Connector (both sides of the street) –Connecting transfer point to Rt. 33

To view full schedule click Route 31_Effective 1.6.19

To view full bus stop list click Route 31 Full Bus Stop List_Effective 1.6.19


Express 4 Airport Express – Summary of Changes

  • Route is extended to Meeting St. and Broad St.
  • Route will have 7 new stops in the downtown area (Stops will be located at current HOP stops #3-#9 along Meeting St. and East Bay St.).
  • Route will operate every 70 minutes.
  • Passengers will now board on Meeting St. at the Visitor Center; bus will no longer board in the bus shed.

The following stops will now be added to route:

  • Meeting St. and John St. (Bus Stop #461)
  • Meeting St. and Calhoun St. (Bus Stop #445)
  • Meeting St. and Market St. (Bus Stop #443)
  • Meeting St. and Broad St. (Bus Stop #511)
  • East Bay St. and Vendue Range (Bus Stop #512)
  • East Bay St. and Market St. (Bus Stop #513)
  • East Bay St. and Calhoun St. (Bus Stop #51)

To view full schedule click Route 4 Airport Express_Effective 1.6.19

To view full bus stop list click Route 4 Airport Express Full Bus Stop List_Effective 1.6.19 

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