Visitors with Disabilities

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CARTA Transit System

CARTA stands for: Charleston Area Regional Transportation Authority. CARTA offers Fixed-route, Flex Service, Express commute service, and Paratransit service throughout the Charleston Metropolitan area, including The Trolley (DASH) service in the Historic Peninsula area of the Charleston.

This site provides information about how the system can take you almost anywhere your life takes you in the Charleston Metro area including work, shopping, hospitals, schools, and much more.

Visitors  with Disabilities

If you’re visiting Charleston and are disabled, you can ride CARTA at the discounted rate when you show your Medicare Card, or your Disabled ID Card from your home transit system.  A visitor to the Charleston area may also use Tel-A-Ride if he or she is certified by another transit system or is found to be eligible for the service in Charleston. Likewise, a Tel-A-Ride patron may be eligible for similar service in other cities. Your Tel-A-Ride identification card will certify your eligibility for paratransit service in Charleston.  For questions, send an email to or call 843-724-7420.

All CARTA Buses Are Equipped for Riders with Disabilities

CARTA is committed to making our public transit system increasing accessible to members of the community with various disabilities. We make riding easy with these extra bus features

  • Lifts accommodate wheelchairs and other mobility devices.
  • Buses lower or “kneel” to the curb to make boarding easy.
  • Priority seating is available for customers with disabilities.  These seats are conveniently located at the front of the bus.  Bus operators will secure wheelchairs and scooters.
  • Service animals are welcome.

Fare is only $0.50 everyday, all day with valid CARTA Card.

Riders with disabilities can ride the bus at a reduced fare.  You must show your Medicare Card, or your Disabled ID Card from your home transit system.


Paratransit – Origin-to-Destination/Curb to Curb Service

If you have difficulty getting to the bus stop and/or riding fixed-route buses, view information on CARTA’s paratransit service Tel-A-Ride.

Accessibility  Facts