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CARTA stands for: Charleston Area Regional Transportation Authority. CARTA offers Fixed-route, Flex Service, Express commute service, and Paratransit service throughout the Charleston Metropolitan area, including The Trolley (DASH) service in the Historic Peninsula area of the Charleston.

This site provides information about how the system can take you almost anywhere your life takes you in the Charleston Metro area including work, shopping, hospitals, schools, and much more.



Effective Date: 10/04/2015

CARTA Tel A Ride services and prices operate in a zone structure..

  • Zones are based off simulated trips on regular fixed route service using the clients’ origination and destination points.
  • Zones are referenced for pricing ONLY.  Although zones pricing will be determined by route simulation, passengers will remain on one vehicle; they will not be transferring to another vehicle.


If the passenger would be able to complete their full trip using one regular fixed route from their origination to destination, it is a Zone Trip on Tel A Ride.

If the passenger would need to take 2 or more fixed routes from their origination to destination to complete their trip, it is an Out of Zone Trip on Tel A Ride.


Question: Would it normally take 1 bus or would it take 2 or more regular route/fixed route buses to complete the trip?

Example 1-Out of Zone Trip: Passenger trip originates off Ashley Phosphate and they want to travel to the Visitor Center located on Meeting and Ann St.  On a regular route, the passenger would need to take 2 regular route buses to complete their trip(i.e. Rt. 12 & Rt. 10), therefore on Tel A Ride this trip would be considered Out of Zone.
Example 2-Zone Trip: Passenger trip originates near Cosgrove and Rivers Ave. and they want to travel to the Visitor Center located and Meeting and Ann St.  On a regular route, the passenger would only travel on one bus to complete the trip(i.e. Rt. 10 or Rt.11), therefore on Tel A Ride, this is considered a Zone trip.

Passengers will be informed when they are making their trip reservations how their trip will be classified (In Zone or Out of Zone).



Zone Trips $4 – Passenger would need to present a green Tel A Ride Ticket.

(Can pay cash or any equivalent to $4)

Out of Zone Trips $5– Passenger would need to present a Green Tel A Ride Ticket and Red Tel  A Ride Zone+ ticket ($1 value).  The passenger could also pay the additional $1 in cash if they do not have a Zone+ ticket.

(Can pay cash or any equivalent to $5)


















RED TEL A RIDE ZONE+ (Zone Plus) Ticket



















Tel-A-Ride is a specialized curb-to-curb transportation service that is available to persons with disabilities who are unable to use the local public bus service. As a shared-ride service, passengers share the vehicle with others traveling in the same direction at the same time. All Tel-A-ride vehicles are wheelchair lift-equipped and curb-to-curb service connects those who meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (1990) Certification Requirements with the places you need to go.

To determine whether you are eligible for this service

  • Obtain an application by:
    • Clicking here to print out an application; or
    • Pick up an application from: CARTA Administration offices (1362 McMillan Ave.), Tel-A-Ride CARTA operations facility (3664 Leeds Ave.), area hospitals and many social service agencies, or call (843) 724-7420, extension 3.
  • Fill it out completely and return it to:
    ADA Coordinator
    3664 Leeds Avenue
    North Charleston, SC 29405


At Tel-A-Ride, your satisfaction is very important to us.  Please feel free to call the Tel-A-Ride office at 843-747-0007 or CARTA Administrative Offices at 843-724-7420, extension 3, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about Tel-A-Ride that will help us improve the service.

Tel-A-Ride Paratransit Service Rider’s Manual

Tel-A-Ride Application

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