May 1, 2016 Phase 1 Route Changes & Schedule Modifications

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CARTA stands for: Charleston Area Regional Transportation Authority. CARTA offers Fixed-route, Flex Service, Express commute service, and Paratransit service throughout the Charleston Metropolitan area, including The Trolley (DASH) service in the Historic Peninsula area of the Charleston.

This site provides information about how the system can take you almost anywhere your life takes you in the Charleston Metro area including work, shopping, hospitals, schools, and much more.



EFFECTIVE MAY 1, 2016 -(Listed below)


Effective May 1, 2016 

Updated 04/19/16

Updated 04/22/16 – Updates include: Express 1,2,3; Route 13, and Route 32

  • Summary of changes listed below each route
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Express Routes 1,2,3

Minor schedule modifications

Route 10 Rivers Ave.

Route 10 Rivers-Schedule (Larger View) 

Minor schedule modifications to account for increased traffic congestion
Bus stops modified 

Route 11 Airport/Dorchester Rd.

Minor schedule modifications to account for increased traffic congestion
Bus stops modified 

Route 12 Upper Dorchester/AFB

Route will remain as one route
Minor schedule modifications to account for increased traffic congestion
Bus stops modified 

Route 13 Montague/Remount/Spruill

Sunday service added
Two-way service on Remount Rd.
Will run every 60 minutes
Portions will be modified to now connect to Rivers Av., Tanger Outlet, Spruill Ave. and Superstop
Modifications will also cover segments of Rt. 104 which will not operate on Sunday
Bus stops modified 

Route 20 Upper King

Route will provide two-way service on King St.
Area route 20 currently services near Citadel will now be served by 102.  See Rt. 102 below.
Will run every 45 minutes
On Sundays will operate every 60 minutes
Bus stops modified 

Route 21 Rutledge/Grove – Now combined with Rt. 102.  See Route 102 below


Route 30 Savannah Hwy

Route will now end at Mary St.
Will operate every hour due to increased traffic congestion
**Interlined with Route 40-One vehicle will run both Rt. 40 and Rt. 30; meaning passengers will now be able to travel directly between W. Ashley and Mt. Pleasant without needed to change buses.
Bus stops modified

Route 31 Folly Road

Minor schedule modifications to account for increased traffic congestion
Bus stops modified 

Route 32 Northbridge

Route will now end at Citadel Mall
Will operate every hour 
On Sundays the route will be modified and will serve St. Francis Hospital, Castlewood and the Walmart at Bees Ferry Rd. 
Bus stops modified 

Route 33 – St. Andrews/Ashley River Rd. NEW

New direct connections between West Ashley and Downtown 
Route will cover a portion of the area Rt. 301 currently serves 
Route will run along US 61 (St. Andrews and Ashley River Rd.) and Ashley River Rd.
Route will provide 2 way service to this corridor
Route will operate every hour
Bus stops modified 

Route 40 US 17 Mt. Pleasant

Route will be split into 2 routes (40 & 42)
The new Rt. 40 will end at Towne Center in Mt. Pleasant (check back for updated map mid April)
Route will run every hour
Transfer point at Towne Center, and Wando Crossing (For routes 41 & 42) 
Bus stops modified 

Route 41 Coleman Blvd.

Route extended to serve Mt. Pleasant midtown I-526 area and Walmart at WANDO Crossing Shopping Center
When route traveling to downtown, route will travel the Rt. 11 routing in downtown and will serve Trident Tech Palmer Campus
Better connectivity with routes 40 & 42
Bus stops modified 

Route 42 – WANDO Circulator NEW

Route will run from Town Center to WANDO High School
Will provide transfer point at Towne Center for Rt. 40 and Rt. 42 
Route will operate every hour (60 min frequency)
Route will operate 7 days a week
Bus stops modified 

Route 102 North Neck/Rutledge Ave.

Route being combined with portion of the current Rt. 21
Route extended to provide service along King St., Rutledge Ave., and MUSC
New direct connection between North Area and The Citadel and MUSC
Bus stops modified 

Route 103 Leeds Ave.

Route will be extended to provide service along Leeds Ave. to Faber Place Drive to Dorchester Rd.
Will provide connection between Dorchester Rd. and various businesses along Faber Place Drive
Will operate every hour
Will not operate on Saturday and Sunday
Bus stops modified -

Route 104 Montague

Route restructured to serve neighborhoods to the north and south of east Montague 
Will serve Liberty Hill, Mixson/Durant, Oak Terrace Preserve, Park Circle and Virginia Ave/Noisette
The other portion of Noisette will be served by Rt. 13
Will operate every hour
Will not operate on Sundays
Bus stops modified
 Will operate from 9am-3pm on Weekdays
Will serve portion of current Rt. 21 route
Will provide service and connections to Canterbury House, East Bay St. and MUSC 
Bus stops modified
Route 301 Glenn McConnell Circulator-Click here to view updated map 
Route will remain in West Ashley area
New Neighborhood Circulator servicing Citadel Mall, Castlewood community, St. Francis Hospital, West Ashley High School and Walmart
Will operate every hour
Will not operate on Sundays.  Area will be served on Sundays by Rt. 32 which will deviate from its’ weekday schedule to run out to Walmart on Sundays.
Bus stops modified
DASH Routes -

Route 210- Aquarium/CofC DASH

Route 211 – Meeting/King DASH

Route 213 – Lockwood/Calhoun DASH


 On our way to building

a world class regional transportation system…


 CARTA Comprehensive Operations Analysis (2016)

CARTA, along with Tri-County Link and BCD COG are striving to move forward to create a true world class regional transportation system.

In order to do so, it is crucial that the current system be evaluated for strengths and weaknesses.  This study is crucial to the process of creating a truly efficient system and positioning the system for improved funding.  Both are key factors needed to ultimately build a world class regional transit system in the Charleston area that would truly connect our communities throughout the Tri-County area and sustain the incredible growth we are seeing; which is great for our area and the economy…but not so great for our roads and traffic conditions.

The COA (Comprehensive Operational Analysis) is an in-depth study of a transit system designed to identify strengths and weaknesses, and develop recommendations for improvement.  The COA process provides a thorough look at the CARTA system to determine which aspects are working well, which are in need of improvement and makes recommendations on how CARTA can chart a course for the future. The recommendations resulting from this analysis are intended as a beginning point for CARTA and the regions continued planning processes, which should include ample opportunity for review and comments by passengers and the public.

The COA for CARTA is a process that will have short range, mid-range, and long range phases and goals.



COA Public Meeting Presentation February 2016

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