#DumpThePumpCHS: An Epilogue


Hundreds of Charleston-area residents took part in national Dump the Pump Day on June 16, trading in their regular rides for seats on a CARTA bus, bike trips or a carpool.

To that, we say: Thank you!

CARTA led the Dump the Pump effort locally, using the hash tag #DumpThePumpCHS to rally support and we saw scores of people chiming in with their heart-warming tales of alternative transit use, dips is traffic stats and high-profile leaders using public transportation.

As part of the outreach, we partnered with local shop Affordabike to award a new bicycle to someone using the #DumpThePumpCHS on social media.

And that someone is ... Brady Quirk-Garvan, who thoroughly documented his commute from his Park Circle home to his office on James Island and wrote a truly insightful recap of the whole experience on Facebook.

In his post, Brady (pictured above) noted both positives and room for improvement:

  • Everything ran on time - BRAVO CARTA
  • All the buses were very clean and everyone was friendly on the bus
  • The vast majority of people riding were going to work, increased funding and more routes might allow more people to get better paying jobs.


  • For the THOUSANDS of tech employees on Daniel Island they couldn't participate because there is no public transportation. If we really are going to be ‪#‎SiliconHarbor‬ that must change, and quickly.
  • I had to walk over 1/2 mile on Folly Rd with no sidewalk, we need to make it safe to complete to journey to/from the bus.
  • Large employers should incentivize employees to take the bus. Not only is it better environmentally but it gets people out of the their social/work bubble

He continued, "Charleston is a great place to live and work. However, if we don't make some serious investments in infrastructure (transportation, roads, non-vehicular routes) in the very near future we'll become just another grid-locked area. Let's keep the Charleston area awesome and step up to the plate."

Or ride up to the plate on a new bike, as the case may be.