CARTA Counts Car - Play & Win!


CARTA Counts is a public awareness campaign designed to educate the Charleston area community on the benefits of public transportation.  CARTA Counts illustrates the important and positive impact that mass transit has on the area’s residents, businesses, and economy. 

How CARTA Counts:

  • More than 14,000 passengers ride CARTA every day
  • CARTA reduces emissions by more than 37 million metric tons each year
  • In the tri-county region, 22,694 student passengers ride CARTA every month
  • 22,600 disabled passengers depend on CARTA transportation each month

The CARTA Counts Car – Play to Win!

Over the next several weeks, keep your eyes peeled throughout Charleston for the CARTA Counts car.  The car will be appearing at select popular destinations throughout the area. 

The Challenge:  Guess how many cars CARTA takes off the road each day. 

The car will be filled with small cars, representing the cars taken off the road by CARTA each day.  To win, visit RideCARTA on Facebook and post your guess, along with the location where you saw the car.  Winners will be selected for guessing the closest without going over.  Each location will have a winner and will receive a goody bag including CARTA swag, gift cards and CARTA passes. 

How can you get involved?   Ride CARTA, help spread the word about how CARTA Counts and support public transportation in your area! For more information about how to support CARTA, call us at 843-724-7429.