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CARTA Transit System

CARTA stands for: Charleston Area Regional Transportation Authority. CARTA offers Fixed-route, Flex Service, Express commute service, and Paratransit service throughout the Charleston Metropolitan area, including The Trolley (DASH) service in the Historic Peninsula area of the Charleston.

This site provides information about how the system can take you almost anywhere your life takes you in the Charleston Metro area including work, shopping, hospitals, schools, and much more.


A number of projects are underway to help us provide you with a better experience when using CARTA, including convenient new bus shelters, upgrades which help maintain fast, comfortable service as well as a future Intermodal Facility that will improve travel in and out of Charleston and throughout the region.

COA (Comprehensive Operational Analysis)

The COA (Comprehensive Operational Analysis) is an in-depth study of a transit system designed to identify strengths and weaknesses, and develop recommendations for improvement.  The COA process provides a thorough look at the CARTA system to determine which aspects are working well, which are in need of improvement and makes recommendations on how CARTA can chart a course for the future.  Click COA on the right to view more information regarding this study.

i-26Alt Study

Recognizing the need for transit alternatives along this corridor, the Berkeley-Charleston-Dorchester Council of Governments (BCDCOG), initiated the I-26 Regional Fixed Guideway Transit Alternatives Analysis study.  The purpose of the I-26 Alternatives Analysis is to enhance regional mobility with transit along the I-26 Corridor between Summerville and Charleston.  Click i-26Alt to the right to view more information regarding this study.

To learn more about current improvement projects, view one of the pages below: